The right temperature.

The best tariff.


3 year warranty with lifetime upgrade available

You can save up to £378 on your energy bills with the 4iE.

Never come home to a cold house, or overpay on your energy bills again.

Always at the right temperature

SmartGeo™ makes sure your home is automatically warm just as you arrive, and running efficiently when you’re away, just like magic.

Always on the best tariff

With the EasySwitch™ automatic tariff switching service means that you will never have to overpay on your energy bills again

Simple to set up and easy to use

The 4iE is easy to use and doesn’t require programming. It connects to your WiFi easily, and set-up can be completed with a few simple steps.

Always at the right temperature with SmartGeo™

The 4iE can control your heating automatically and reduces your heating usage by up to 25%.

It works by using the location services built into smartphones, as well as learning your routines and the most efficient settings for your home.

So your heating is always at the right temperature, effortlessly. Your home is automatically warm as you arrive, and running efficiently when you’re away. Just like magic.

How SmartGeo compares to learning thermostats

Occupancy sensing systems detect when you’re home and learn your habits to create a predicted heating schedule. Which is great if you stick to the same rigid routine every day, but we know family life doesn’t stick to a schedule. These systems activate the heating when they think you’re going to be home and turn it down when they see that you’re not. If, like us, you can’t always keep to the predicted schedule, these systems can’t keep up and you’ll get home to a cold house or be wasting energy when you’re out.

SmartGeo also learns your routines, but critically, it combines this with the location services built into smartphones to know when you’re are heading back, heading out or just hanging around, even if it is not planned, so the heating is always at the right temperature. It’s comfortable as you walk through the door and running efficiently whenever you’re away.

How SmartGeo compares to standard geo-fencing thermostats

A standard geo-fencing thermostat will use the location services built into your phone to set a temperature based on how far away you are from home. The closer you are to home, the warmer the house. However, if you’re likely to be out for longer periods, like at work and would normally have turned the heating right down or off, these systems can potentially cost you more money by keeping your heating at a warmer temperature because they don’t take into account how long you’re likely to be out for, just how far from home you are and how long it will take you to get back.

SmartGeo learns your schedule and combines this with how far from home you are to set much lower, more efficient temperatures when you are likely to be out for longer, even if you are less than an hour away, for instance at the office.

Always on the best tariff with EasySwitch™

The 4iE works in the background to find the best energy deals.

EasySwitch searches the market for better energy tariffs, recommends the best deals, and makes it easy to switch.

Saving you on average £210 according to government figures.

EasySwitch can even be set to switch you on to the best tariff automatically, so you’re always getting the best deal, effortlessly.

How EasySwitch saves money every year

Over the past 4 years, UK households have paid £8.5bn too much for their energy. This is because when you sign up with an energy supplier, you will get their best tariff for the first twelve months just to get you on board. After that initial contract period is up, you are automatically moved to their standard rate. EasySwitch works in the background to keep you on the lowest tariff every year. Saving you on average £210.


Never come home to a cold house, or overpay on your energy bills again.

The 4iE doesn’t need programming and connects to your WiFi easily, with simple set-up and installation just like a traditional thermostat.

The large full colour touchscreen is easy to use and the MyHeating app is designed so any adjustments you do want to make to the temperature are quick and simple.

Save up to £378 on your energy bills 

Tariff Switching

Built-in EasySwitch finds the best energy deals and can be set to switch automatically each year, saving on average £210.

Advanced, automatic control

The 4iE learns the heat-up and cool down rates of your home to automatically set the most efficient temperatures when you’re away, reducing usage by up to 25%.

Energy Monitoring

Save up to £378 combined and view usage and cost graphs online and on your smartphone.

High quality design & engineering

The 4iE is designed to look great in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with glass effect front faces and bevelled chrome edges to reflect wall colours.

A range of vinyl overlays are available in bold colours and textured metal and wood effects. You can even use a custom photo to complement your wallpaper.

The large colour touchscreen can be customised with different themes and uploadable photo backgrounds. There’s even a 7 day local weather forecast, and traffic alerts built in.

Two ways to control.

Use with any desktop or mobile web browser to manage your account, control your heating, and view your energy usage with no subscription required.

MyHeating by Warmup for iOS and Android

The free MyHeating app works with iOS and Android to give you access to SmartGeo and quick control of your system.

Natural Language Programming

Programming that speaks your language.

If you don’t want to use SmartGeo or just want to make a quick adjustment, Natural Language Programming is simple to use.


Works with all underfloor heating systems.

The 4iE can be used with up to 16A electric underfloor heating systems as well as Warmup hydronic heating systems.

Works with central heating too.

The 4iE can control central heating systems using a switch live input. For wireless, volt-free or low voltage systems the +Kit accessory pack can be used.

If you’re unsure if the 4iE is right for your system, contact our customer support team

High end security with proven technology.

Our system is protected by the same security as online banking and encrypted to the same level as classified intelligence agency files.

Your data is private, including your location.

SmartGeo works without Warmup knowing your location, only how far from home you are, and uses the systems already built into your smartphone.